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On June 6’th 2016, Dominik Dobrowolski- polish ecologist started another expedition called the “Recykling Rejs”. This time, he is going to canoe the “over 500 km circle” from Gdańsk to Gdańsk, through the cities: Elbląg, Ostróda, Iława, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz. During the eco-expedition, Dominik  with PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation and Rekopol - supporting organization, is going to organize a series of meetings in which he will popularize ideas of recycling and active protection of the environment. We warmly encourage you to follow this eco-expedition on Dominik is inviting to organize similar actions in all coastal European countries and those with large rivers and lakes.

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Our message for everyone is obviously “Enjoying the environment you may leave behind nothing but your footprints in the sand.” Read more: .


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